Part One | Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, your health goals, medical history, diet, symptoms and lifestyle will be assessed. The first consultation is purely informational gathering. Time will then be spent outside of your appointment to transfer the nutritional and lifestyle analysis into an individualized health and wellness program tailored to your needs. This gathered information will be organized and presented to you during your second consultation. The initial consultation is approximately 1-1.5 hours.

All initial consultations include:

  • Initial comprehensive consultation
  • Assessment of body composition and current food and supplement intake
  • The metabolic typing and food sensitivity testing to determine your individual metabolic type and specific nutritional needs



Part Two | Vitality Program

Your second visit is geared towards thoroughly discussing your personally modified nutritional program. The results of your metabolic typing and food sensitivity testing will be reviewed accompanied by a customized meal plan and recipes to suite your nutrient needs. You will leave with the tools necessary to make realistic changes as we co-create a daily nutrition and lifestyle program that encourages nourishing yourself with whole foods that will stimulate its natural ability to heal. The Vitality Program is approximately 1 hour long.

The customized Vitality Program includes:

  • Detailed food list based off of the metabolic and food sensitivity test
  • Recipes
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Supplement recommendations
  • A general approach to exercise and weight training



Part Three | Follow-Up Consultations

Each follow-up consultation will further build your knowledge of integrative health and nutrition, develop various strategies that best suit your needs, and provide support along the path to a healthier you. It is important to fine-tune your program seasonally, as your nutritional status will evolve over time. The Follow-Up Consultations are approximately 45 minutes long.