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Ryan B. - Carolina Hurricanes #18

I have been following the Metabolic Typing program for the past 4 years. The first time I was tested, my body was functioning at 35%. I thought I was eating healthy and in good shape for the start of the hockey season. Little did I know that I was eating completely wrong for my body type. As a hockey player, all summer I would eat as little fat as possible to prepare for the upcoming body fat test at training camp. After my Metabolic Typing test, I was told that I needed to eat a diet high in fat. My first thought was, "there is no way I am going to eat a high fat diet". But I tried it anyway. I started eating chicken thighs instead of chicken breast and high fat yogurt and milk. After a couple of months, I started to notice a big change. I was sleeping better at night and I no longer needed the traditional pregame nap. My energy was so much higher that I couldn't fall asleep before games - I felt like I drank a Red Bull, but without the shakes or crashing. I am now functioning at over 100% and have never felt better. I believe this was giving me an edge over my opponents on the ice.


Barry H. - Real Estate entrepreneur

In the summer of 2014 I was experiencing extreme weight loss and exhaustion. I found my normal tasks required a lot of energy and I often needed to take breaks or naps during the day, which was not normal for me. At my lowest point I weighed 132lbs, an accumulated loss of about 20-22lbs. Doctors were only interested in fixing my situation with medication and couldn’t tell me what the underlying cause was. In the fall of this year I traveled to Germany and got tested using the metabolic typing technology. My heritage and genetics were traced and I was told that I had been eating incorrectly for years. As well I was told that if I did not change my current eating patterns my body would continue to down this path of deterioration as my body was consuming its protein from my lean tissues. I had a severe protein deficiency and if not corrected my life span would be severely shortened – I was also told that this new eating program would need at least 12-18 months to see the full change. Sure enough, after 12 months on the program, I was back to my normal weight, full of energy and all other ailments were gone. I am a testament to this program as I was fully dedicated and ready to change in order to heal and I continue to eat the same way today.


Jesse. H - Senior IT infrastructure support analyst

I went to muse 6 weeks ago because of on going skin issues I've developed over the past year and the constant lack of energy throughout my day. I've have tried numerous different diets over the years and have a general interest in nutrition. After the initial tests, we were able to determine exactly what my body needs to create energy and also pin point certain foods that not only drain my energy but cause an adverse allergic reaction. Muse nutrition had me start a 5 week cleanse / digestive system reset. The first week was pretty tough, as lots of toxins are leaving your body and the lack of certain morning crutches made it more difficult than it seems. But, then the first hand results come rushing in from having more energy throughout the day, a mental clarity I haven't had in some time, the ability to fall asleep at a night and very low anxiety/stress. After my 5 week cleanse, I'm am now sticking to my plan with ease and I'm able to keep losing weight while enjoying what I'm eating. Thank you Muse integrative Nutrition!